LANCAIR FLY IN 2008 at LOIJ, June 28. - 29.

All Pictures from the Fly-In

The first Visitors of the Fly-In on Friday: 

#1 Carl-Erik Lindquist  SE-XKF

#2 Patrick Verhee  F-PRKI
Saturday 28.06.2008

Georg Touboly HB-YMI

Hans u. Franz Schredl

Armin Dobler HB-YEB

Peter Froidevaux HB-YIS

Eduard u. Marc Inaebnit CH-YGJ

Dino u. Piera Quaresimin LX-DIN

Streitwieser u. Dornstädter OE-AWS

Markus Henkell D-EVUG

Baaz u. Schreiber D-ESUB

Brandstetter u. Gutmann OE-KBG

Buchrnhornen u. Robbertsen PH-HAN

Danile Pellizzari by Car
Paolo Fanti by Car Mair Martin by Car

All Pictures from the Fly-In



Animated Sat-image